Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning State College PA 814-404-5009People sleep on the same mattress for years and do not realize that they shed skin, dirt, and bacteria.  So, basically every night they’re sleeping with contaminants.  This is why it’s extremely important to get your mattresses cleaned by a professional.  The average mattress can double in weight in only seven years from dead skin and dust mites.

Our cleaning professionals at Blue ‘N White Carpet Care can provide you with a deep mattress cleaning that will help restore the look and smell of your bedding.

The first thing our team at Blue ‘N White Carpet Care will do is clean the exterior of the mattress to help remove any stains or dirt that has accumulated over the years. Then our team will use our industrial strength suction to deep clean the mattress and access areas you simply can’t reach with traditional cleaning methods.

At Blue ‘N White Carpet Care, we will make your mattress much safer to sleep on. Your next night sleep will be more restful because you will not be breathing in all those allergens and contaminants. Call us today for a free estimate.